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Details Entwurfsprogramm – Herbst Semester 2017




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Professur J. De Vylder




Professur für Architektur und Entwurf




HIL F 56







Annamaria Prandi, Jochen Schamelhout, Anne Femmer



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des Entwurfs-programmes 

A HOUSE AND A SCHOOL prologue a cool glass of white wine on a Sunday afternoon * How you drink a glass of cool white wine with friends visiting on a Sunday morning, while you prepare lunch in the kitchen. At first sight, this question has little to do with architecture. It is not really a question about a structural issue. Neither is it a question about a conceptual idea. Nor a question of a certain theoretical or historical importance. It is maybe not really even a question as such. But on the other hand; maybe; it is perhaps the only real question architecture should pose to itself. How architecture can contain life. Real life. The different moments of life. The scenography of life. Architecture as a setting for those moments of life. Or rather, to make a difference for those moments. To capture those moments of life with students. It is a start. A chance for architecture. a cool glass of white wine on a Sunday afternoon At the kitchen sink. A final touch. The glasses refilled. The light sliding over the counter. Through the bottle and the glasses. Outside is a tree. Inside, the wall colors the light. Shadows to the left. Light to the right. The hard wall seems soft in that light. The polishing on the ceiling shine through. The old door mat. An empty chair. Nobody saw the cat. Look at your hands. The traces of the fish you just cleaned. The elbow that tries to turn on the faucet. Washing your hands. A kitchen towel on your shoulder. Your hair shines, as well. A look over the shoulder. This is Sunday. As it always should be. With you. Here, in this house, at home. This room. This life. *** corner cascade complexity refer reflect re-enact image inspire invent process progress practice bravoure build beauty universum carrousel journey Some sets of words. Words of a studio. Words of this studio. Words of your studio. Words of a universum. Words in a carrousel. Words on a journey. The universum architecture can be. The carrousel architecture will be. The journey architecture need to undertake. Universum as a personal world. Carrousel as an ongoing world. Journey as a discovery of the world. This studio is called universum carrousel journey. This studio’s atelier will be given the title universum. The lectures will be held under the title carrousel. And the travels will be named journey. But they will be interchanged at times. As the studio is named universe carrousel journey. observe imagine universe Another set of words. Or words in another flow. Observation is different from analysing. Imagination different from conceptualizing. Invention different from vision. Universum different from exercise. Each time subjective perception and initiative makes the difference. The studio’s atelier will be given a rhythm of three movements. Observation of a world is the first. Leading to the imagination and invention is the following. Hereby discovering a possible universum, finally. corner cascade complexity Those three movements also have certain specific aims. Starting from the study of a corner – how can a space be defined by a corner -; passing by the idea of a cascade – how succeeding spaces can become sequences -; arriving at context and discovering complexity – simple complexity -. bravoure build beauty But not only that. Even more this. Not only space. But how space is build. From the movement called corner; via the movement called cascade till the final called complexity. How it is made. How it is built. How the bravoure of building might lead to the simple joy of beauty. chair room house garden tree playground school class chair Starting from observing a simple piece of furniture and a nice tree outside arriving at inventing a house in a garden and school and its playground. The window that is in between the chair and the tree is key. And is part of the idea of the study of the corner. The cascade, of course, the first way to get a suggestion of a possible context. And finally the first determined element before the elevation defines its place in the context. *** epilogue architecture is not a matter of architecture ** autonomy Perhaps it is a matter of autonomy. Autonomy of the architect. Yes, scale. Yes, context. Yes, references. Yes, materials. Yes, colours. Yes, as much as it is always the case. But to find a distance all of a sudden. And to celebrate the autonomy. Which makes a difference. universe Perhaps it is a matter of the universe. The rearrangement of what can be rearranged as a new world. A different world. Or at least as a different perspective on that world. A world known by no one but desired by everyone. bravoure Perhaps it is a matter of bravoure. A matter of always and everywhere making things possible again. As possibilities no one expected. As to make possible that which was not and could not be expected. life Perhaps it is a matter of life. A matter of how life can be understood and how life can be imagined. How it can and should be differently imagined. But how it really makes life. How it is allowed to make life. As a part of making life. And doing so. wendung Perhaps it is a matter of wendung. A matter of going somewhere and bringing things found along the way. The wendung as the direction where to go. pleasure Perhaps it is a matter of pleasure. The pleasure of seriousness. The seriousness of pleasure. With pleasure things go better. And become better. Giving more pleasure afterwards. making Perhaps it is a matter of making. The making of things. How to make them. How to make them just so differently. Differently, yes, but definitely as making. * QUARANTOTTO PAGINE FORTY FIVE PAGES – Mendrisio Academy Press – architecten de vylder vinck taillieu – pag 6 – pag 9 ** A+U 561 16:06 – architecten de vylder vinck taillieu – architecture is not a matter of architecture – pag 162-176



Thematische und methodische Schwerpunkte 





who can make a house into a home, makes a different school A simple house and a primary school. Both will be the topic. Both will be discovered in parallel. In three movements a certain process and progress is set out. The atelier is not far away from practice. As is an architecture practice. Things that often seem to have nothing to do with each other all of a sudden have something to do with each other. A practice. This atelier. you can draw Analogue techniques – handmade drawing; collage; painting; sketching; modeling…. –Digital as long as it is analogue. Believe it. You can.



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group work and individual work



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19.12.2017 , 20.12.2017




19.09.2017 , HIL D 15 , 10:00



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11. August 2017
Thomas Gemperli

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